Public Holidays

"Yes, Sweden has its fair share. But they are not enough. ’Swedes are world best’ (one of their favorite phrases) at finding excuses for not being at work. They created the ’squeeze day’, explained once by a Swede as ’a day squeezed in between a holiday and a weekend. We have worked for it, so it’s not a free day really’. Translated this means that if there is a public holiday on, say, the Thursday then they don’t think it’s worth going into work just for one day before they’re off again at the weekend. The Friday, in this case, is a squeeze day. They accumulate time by working four minutes extra every day so they reckon it’s not a holiday but time off in lieu of the overtime. Get it?

If they are lucky, the Swedes can enjoy what can only be described as a ’squeeze week’ during the first week of May. There’s the weekend, then a squeeze Monday as Tuesday is the 1st of May and a public holiday. Hopefully Ascension Day falls on the Thursday so it’s no good going to work on the Wednesday and the Friday is squeezed between Thursday and Saturday and before you know it it’s already the following weekend."


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