A lesson in Swedish

"The Swede is a person of few words.


Eng: Excuse me, I didn’t quite catch what you were saying.

Swe: Va? (vah?)

Literal translation: What?


Eng: Sorry for bumping into you like that. So terribly

clumsy of me.

Swe: Oj! (oi!)

Literal translation: Oh!


Eng: It’s you! How lovely to see you!

Swe: Nej, men! (nay men)

Literal translation: No, but!


Eng: How are things with you?

Swe: Annars? (an ass)

Literal translation: Otherwise?


Eng: Excuse me, may I disturb you for a second?

Swe: Du

Literal translation: You


Eng: Could I have a pint of your best bitter please.

Swe: En stor stark

Literal translation: A big strong one


Eng: Shall we treat ourselves and indulge in a schnapps?

Swe: En liten djävul? (en liten yayvull)

Literal translation: A little devil?


However sometimes English is just that bit more concise:


Eng: Mind the gap!

Swe: Tänk på avståndet mellan vagn och plattform när ni

stiger av.

Literal translation: Think of the gap between the carriage

and the plattform when you alight."


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