Author: Ms India Lacey

Den här berättelsen gav India utmärkelsen "most interesting language" i skolan:
"It was the night befor school. I was happy but sad. I was rede for the man to call that it was time to get on the plane."
"I thot the man in New York was beter at speeking. I cood just here him speeking! Me, and my opair Sara, and my /.../"
" /.../ litl sister Vivi hade to whate 2 and a haph howers for the plane! It was Sunday and I was floping jumping and bumping arawnd like crasey!"
"Finale the plane was rede. It fellt like forever to get on the plane becuse there was humuhges line."
"All of a saden it took off. Then I reelizd that there were no blincets on the plane! I wood not be abll to sleep very cumferterbul!
"Finale i fell asleep then WAM! The plane hit the grownd. Yes! I was jumping up and down I was so exitid that I almost /.../"
" /.../ hugd sumone ells. Then I sow Amanda. I ran to her then she took me, Vivi and Sara home. It felt good to be home. I ran up the /.../ "
" /.../ steres I went to the stude that is a plase where my family puts there favorite things there I saw my humulges bear (I got it when I was born.)"
"I hugd it and jumping up and down I shouted huray! Then I ran to my bed room I climd up the lader and I flopt on the bed. It was still cumfee."

Postat av: marie

gulligt :)

2010-04-08 @ 12:07:48
Postat av: mor

Mycket hoppande och skuttande verkar det. :D

2010-04-08 @ 14:42:31

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